Fitness Equipment: What is the role of Zanathane Systems House in these devices?

How does Zanathane assist in the manufacturing of these types of equipment?

The use of polyurethane in sports equipment is more common than you might imagine. Whether for protection or performance, our Integral Skin and Rigid lines cater to fitness equipment in generally cater to fitness equipment.

Helmets, bicycle saddles, surfboards, tatami mats, race tracks, sneakers, and gym equipment benches are some options produced with polyurethane.

Why use Integral Skin for fitness equipment?

Integral Skin is produced by flexible polyurethanes. Its main characteristic is to ensure an elastic integral skin that serves as protection for the internal parts of objects to prevent mechanical actions.

Moreover, products with Integral Skin feature a densified layer of high resistance with thickness ranging from 1 to 5 mm and a soft core that provides total comfort.

Why rely on Zanathane for the manufacturing of your equipment?

Zanathane Systems House, in addition to investing in high technology, has professionals of the highest caliber. Our differentiator lies in our batch control, logistics, and solutions produced throughout development by our technicians, as well as our entire planning directly linked to sustainability.