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Polyurethane Systems House

The term Polyurethane Systems House is used in the chemical industry to describe the manufacturing and development of polyurethane (PU). The Systems House is responsible for the acquisition of all materials, research, development, and application for various sectors.

PU can be employed in the automotive sector, such as in the production of steering wheel foam, seats, and bumpers. In the construction industry, it is used for thermal and acoustic insulation and waterproofing of buildings, reservoirs, and highways. In the refrigeration industry, we provide systems for spray and structural filling. Even in the furniture industry, for mattresses and the production of soles and insoles for various models and brands of classic and sports footwear.

Our essence is rooted in research and development to seek solutions for our clients. That’s our DNA. Zanathane’s solutions are derived from years of experience from our team of scientists and laboratories located around the world.

Industries we serve


Our laboratories are the most advanced in the market. To serve our global customers, our sites in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil; St. Peters, Missouri; Woodbridge, Ontario; and Shanghai, China have cutting-edge technology to ensure the success of formulations and the physical properties of your product.

Zanathane takes pride in its Sample and Formulation Development Center, located
in a technological hub with professionals, each possessing over 25 years of
experience in the field of polyurethane chemical formulations.

Zanathane’s proprietary formulations deliver excellent performance metrics in
thermal and acoustic insulation, both in automotive and construction industry
products. Maintaining moderate temperatures and reducing low and high-frequency
noise is crucial to ensuring a pleasant and cozy space for the end user. Our
formulated systems cater to applications in all of these scenarios.