Since 1978

We have been a systems house responsible for providing technological solutions for polyurethane foam (PU).
With Canadian origins and operating since 1978, we take pride in our entrepreneurial and innovative spirit. We are committed to consistently delivering comprehensive solutions to a growing list of diverse industry sectors. Additionally, we stay ahead of market trends and innovations, while maintaining a strong commitment to environmental consciousness and societal responsibility.


Our special chemical components are manufactured in a state-of-the-art technological laboratory. Additionally, we have an advanced research and development center to identify and discover new technologies. Click here to contact one of our global locations.

Distinctive Feature

As we handle a large quantity of chemicals worldwide, we have access to higher volumes of raw materials at competitive prices. We take advantage of market price seasonality in various regions around the world.


We globally provide engineering products that continually enhance the consumer experience through superior comfort, acoustics, and appearance in a socially responsible manner.


A winning team valued by customers worldwide in manufacturing high-quality and competitive products.


To provide safe workplaces and the profitability necessary to create and maintain rewarding jobs.

Values and Principles

Health, safety, and the environment. Be safe and think before you act.

Honesty, integrity, and trust

Honor your commitments without accepting less.

Respect for people and diversity

Communicate tirelessly and engage the entire team.

Learn, improve, and innovate

Create differentiation and value.

Responsibility, commitment, and performance

Empower and believe in the team.

Entrepreneurial spirit

Be passionate and assertive, and take ownership of the results.